Obama’s budget proposal gives more power to IPAB

By: MARY ELLEN SCHNEIDER, Clinical Psychiatry News Digital Network

President Obama is proposing to cut more than $370 billion from the Medicare program over the next decade, a move aimed at reducing the federal deficit and putting the program on firmer financial footing.

The president’s fiscal year 2014 budget proposal, sent to Congress April 10, includes cuts for physicians, drug companies, hospitals, and long-term facilities, as well as increased cost-sharing for some Medicare beneficiaries.

The part of the budget with the potential to have the biggest impact on doctors is the increased authority for the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). The 15-member board was created under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and is charged with recommending to Congress how to reduce spending growth in Medicare. Under current law, IPAB would make recommendations only if the projected Medicare per capita growth rate exceeded the gross domestic product (GDP) plus 1%. In the president’s budget proposal, that target would be triggered early, when Medicare spending was projected to exceed GDP plus 0.5%. Read more


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