Opening Statement, Subcommittee Chairman Joe Pitts

“One of the most worrisome provisions in PPACA and a provision that highlights the administration‟s fundamental approach to health reform is the creation of the Independent Payment Advisory Board or IPAB.

The IPAB embodies what is objectionable in the President‟s health care system overhaul and how the administration‟s approach to health reform is fundamentally different from the Republican reform proposal. President Obama‟s health reform legislation was pushed through Congress without meaningful bipartisan debate. In like fashion, the recommendations of IPAB will be pushed through Congress with very little time for discussion or for the development of realistic alternatives to these recommendations that will then become law.

The IPAB is likely to profoundly influence the future of Medicare and even the health care system in general. In fact, the panel of 15 experts that will make up the board will arguably have more influence over health care than any person, group of people, organization or government agency has ever had; more than patients, physicians, professional organizations, MedPAC, CMS or even Congress.”  READ FULL ARTICLE

What is IPAB?

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