David P. Roe, MD, US House of Representatives (R-TN)

“In addition to degrading access to and quality of care, IPAB has two significant structural problems—it is both unaccountable and unworkable. The board is empowered to make recommendations regarding Medicare without any input from the Congress.

Don’t just take my word for it, former OMB Director Peter Orszag has called IPAB the single biggest yielding of power to an independent entity since the creation of the Federal Reserve.

Even after the IPAB makes its recommendations, the hands of the legislature are still tied. The proposal would be considered under fast-track procedures and, without a three-fifths vote of the Senate, Congress can only modify the type of cuts, not their size. And if Congress fails to act on the board’s recommendations, they automatically go into effect. This isn’t government by the people; it is instead government by the technocrats.

Questions have also been raised regarding the IPAB’s ability to function as it is designed. In reference to the IPAB, CMS chief actuary Richard Foster wrote in an April 2010 memo that limiting cost growth [per beneficiary] to a level below medical price inflation alone would represent an exceedingly difficult challenge.”  READ FULL ARTICLE

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