Grace-Marie Turner, President, Galen Institute

“While the IPAB has unprecedented power, allocation of the tools available to the board reveals a fundamental conflict in American health policy: It simultaneously is given broad authority over Medicare payment policy, but its hands are tied in what it can do to reach the mandatory budgetary targets.”

The president wants to double-down on IPAB’s powers, giving the board authority to cut payments to doctors even more deeply than called for in the PPACA and giving it the power to “sequester” congressional appropriations.

The Constitution gives the power of the purse to Congress so that elected representatives can be accountable to the voters for their decisions. The IPAB would turn this principle upside down. The IPAB is at the center of the conflict between two world views. Do we entrust individuals with the decisions for their own care? Or do we entrust those decisions to a government-appointed panel of experts in Washington who will have authority over hundreds of billions of dollars in Medicare spending? READ FULL ARTICLE

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