Scott Gottlieb, MD, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

“Changes to the way Medicare pays for and covers medical services affect too many people in significant ways to be made behind the closed doors of an insulated committee.  How Medicare prices medical products and services has sweeping implications across the entire private marketplace.  These decisions are some of the most important policy choices that we make […]

Judith Feder, PhD, Professor and former Dean, Georgetown Public Policy Institute, and Urban Institute Fellow

“Having IPAB as a backstop to sustain Medicare’s financing is not only critical to securing this vital program that makes health care affordable for older and many disabled Americans; but also to assure that Medicare leads the much-needed transformation of the nation’s entire health care payment system—moving from reliance on mechanisms that reward the delivery […]

Stuart Guterman, Vice President, Payment and System Reform; Executive Director, Commission on a High Performance Health System, The Commonwealth Fund

“Treating health care cost growth only as a Medicare issue can lead to inappropriate policies that fail to address the underlying cause of the problem and lead to increasing pressure not only on Medicare and its beneficiaries but on the rest of the health system and the people it serves. The IPAB, if used appropriately, […]

Alex B. Valadka, MD, Alliance of Specialty Medicine; CEO, Seton Brain and Spine Institute

“The Alliance believes that under the IPAB access to specialty care will be severely limited due, in part,  to the additional payment cuts it will impose on physicians.  Medicare physician payments are already  well below market rates and continue to be subject to deep cuts as a result of the flawed sustainable  growth rate (SGR) […]

Mary Grealy, President, Healthcare Leadership Council

“It is because of our commitment to patients and their access to quality healthcare that we have deep concerns about the IPAB. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA [P.L. 111-148]) created the IPAB, a 15-member board that will be appointed by the President and empowered to make recommendations to cut Medicare spending if […]

Theresa Morrow, Co-Founder and President, Women Against Prostate Cancer

“IPAB’s power to dramatically cut payments to healthcare providers and physicians who provide services to Medicare beneficiaries, will likely mean that that fewer providers would be willing to accept new Medicare. IPAB also has the power to decide that Medicare will not cover certain treatments or medications purely based on their cost and that patients […]

Jack Lewin, MD, CEO, American College of Cardiology

“The ACC Strongly supports efforts to align financial incentives to inspire greater focus on proving care that is patient-centered, evidence-based and cost-effective. Early on the health reform debate, the College hoped the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) concept would offer and opportunity to break down the solos of parts A nad B in Medicare and […]

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