Allyson Schwartz, US House of Representatives (D-PA)

“My decision to support repeal of the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) reflects my confidence in the many cost-containment measures in the law. Health care reform has the potential to fundamentally transform the health care delivery and payment systems by creating a variety of models for improved delivery of care by incentivizing high quality, greater […]

John Cornyn, US Senate (R-TX)

“Something must be done about the unsustainable growth rate of the Medicare program.  We should all be able to agree on that. Like many Americans and many members of the committee, however, I believe that IPAB is not the answer.  Members of the committee are familiar with how the IPAB is supposed to function. Here […]

George Miller, US House of Representatives (D-CA)

“The Independent Payment Advisory Board is about strengthening the Medicare program. Without innovation and evidence-based decision-making, Medicare will be put in jeopardy. And the forces calling for ending Medicare as we know it will gain the upper hand. The American people have firmly rejected the Republican budget plan to end Medicare. That is why we […]

Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary, HHS

“But when it comes to Medicare’s future, we can’t take any chances. That’s why the law created the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) as a backstop to ensure Medicare remains solvent for years to come. The IPAB will be made up of 15 health experts. The Affordable Care Act provides for consultation between the President […]

Grace-Marie Turner, President, Galen Institute

“While the IPAB has unprecedented power, allocation of the tools available to the board reveals a fundamental conflict in American health policy: It simultaneously is given broad authority over Medicare payment policy, but its hands are tied in what it can do to reach the mandatory budgetary targets.” The president wants to double-down on IPAB’s […]

Judith Feder, Ph.D., Professor and former Dean, Georgetown Public Policy Institute, and Urban Institute Fellow

“What’s needed, therefore, is not to abandon IPAB—and certainly not to morph Medicare into less effective private insurance.  Rather, we should extend the expertise and authority IPAB focuses on Medicare to apply to all payers—with a system-wide spending target that triggers all-payer payment reform to assure Medicare beneficiaries and all Americans the high quality, efficiently delivered […]

Avik Roy, Senior Analyst, Monness, Crespi, Hardt & Co.; Senior Fellow, Heartland Institute

“IPAB focuses on reducing provider payments, which is unlikely to work.  Global reimbursement cuts, of the kind mandated by the Sustainable Growth Rate and by IPAB, are highly unlikely to work. We all know that Congress has repeatedly overridden the SGR provisions with so-called “doc fix” legislation. In addition, doctors and hospitals undermine these reimbursement […]

Christopher M. Davis, Analyst on Congress and the Legislative Process Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress

“The Act establishes special “fast track” parliamentary procedures governing House and Senate committee consideration, and Senate floor consideration, of legislation implementing the IPAB’s proposal. These mandates the immediate introduction of the legislation in Congress, and establish deadlines for committee and Senate floor consideration, as well as limit the amending process. PPACA establishes a second “fast […]

Diane Cohen, Senior Attorney, Goldwater Institute

“The Goldwater Institute‟s legal challenge to the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” is unique among the lawsuits challenging the Act because ours is the only one that challenges the constitutionality of IPAB. We believe the creation of IPAB represents the most sweeping delegation of congressional authority in history, a delegation that is anathema to […]

Scott Gottlieb, MD, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

“Changes to the way Medicare pays for and covers medical services affect too many people in significant ways to be made behind the closed doors of an insulated committee.  How Medicare prices medical products and services has sweeping implications across the entire private marketplace.  These decisions are some of the most important policy choices that we make […]

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